How Online Yoga helps me survive the lockdown

mei 18, 2020 | Natasha

Catrinel T., one of Hot Yoga Eindhoven’s most regular Livestreaming online yoga practioners speaks about her experience with Online Yoga so far.

‘It’s taken time to adjust, because you need more self-discipline to focus when practicing at home’

What do you feel about online yoga?
It provides an opportunity to practice every day with my favourite yoga school, and experience variety in this practice. I like the routine of taking this time for myself every day. As I live in Belgium, I am not able to attend the sessions in person, so I am very grateful for the online yoga. (Even outside of the lockdown, I will find online a great help as I only made it in person once a week).

How has your online practice helped you so far?
Regular practice has helped me both physically and mentally, with strength and flexibility. During the Corona lockdown it’s been my oasis of serenity.

How do you feel about online yoga compared to in-person guidance?
It’s taken a time to adjust, because you need more self-discipline to focus when practicing at home. At the same time, it’s an opportunity for regular practice, also as a family, together with my daughter.

The HYE teachers have been exceptionally nice and made great efforts to provide detailed guidance for the online sessions. As I like practicing together with others, I enjoy the live streaming. At the same time, I am glad to have the option to do the session at a later time, in case it is not possible to be there at the live session. I can also repeat lessons that I particularly liked. Online yoga is a wonderful complement to personal guidance in the yoga studio.

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18 May 2020 – Hot Yoga Eindhoven/ Natasha Gunn