Moving into 2023 with healthy boundaries

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december 16, 2022 | Natasha

You can’t change the past, or how people react.

But you can develop awareness through practice and from this space, choose how you act and react to things.

Yoga practice is about watching over yourself, deepening awareness and practicing self-regulation.

Sometimes, letting things be that you can’t change will save you from depleting your energy reserves.

Old patterns die hard. But you can change the space you move from, and create new patterns that serve you well.  This takes some effort (tapas in Sanskrit), but you will notice as you strengthen useful habits, your old, unhelpful patterns wither away.   Falling away like leaves released by a tree to prepare for spring.

Our theme for January 2023 is setting healthy boundaries.

By expressing our own needs in a positive way, we are giving ourselves space to grow. We also show others that we value ourselves. By practicing setting our own boundaries, we learn to respect and cultivate a healthy respect for the boundaries of others.

Learn more about how to set healthy boundaries – on an emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual level, at our yoga retreat in March, and at some of the special classes coming up at HYE.

Create fresh beginnings, step by step.

May you take the steps to fulfillment, peace and happiness in 2023.

Om, Shanti,

The HYE Team