Cleaning dust off the window of mind

januari 18, 2023 | Natasha

Message from our Yoga Therapist Natasha:

I have had several students question me about their path and the tools to use in finding balance and well-being.

From my experience, practice and studies from qualified sources, I believe and uphold that appropriate yoga practices, learned from a qualified teacher, are self-sufficient and sustainable.

Studies, in fact, show that long-term meditative practices have a more lasting effect over time as yoga promotes self-agency in recovery without the need of ’taking’ anything into the body.

In this renaissance of plant medicines, from personal experience of micro dosing with psilocybin, which is found in truffles, and legal in the Netherlands, I find Micro dosing to be a safe and natural way to support body and mind.

The effect of the microdose of psilocybin (the natural ingredient in magic truffles) is barely noticeable. Supporting meditation and a deepening of insight.

Cultures have used medicinal plants and herbs for thousands of years to aid both the body and mind in healing.

Also, the ancient science of Ayurveda, specifically for the body, which supports yoga, which focuses on mind, offers a system to bring the body back from dis-ease to ease and balance.  Ayurveda prescribes ways of bringing back to balance the natural, and diverse, and unique individual 3-dosa (elemental qualities) constitutions.

Yoga can be seen as a practice for the mind, using the body as a gateway as both mind and body are inextricably linked, using an 8-component model which is more like a wheel than an hierarchical ladder.

Life is a never-ending process of self-discovery and balance management.

Practice self-care, create useful habits, and hold to your truth. Happiness is a result of our own efforts.

Take action when if feels right. Participating in life requires courage and commitment.

As J. Krishnamurti said: ‘There is no one path to the land of truth’.

Wishing you courage and peace,