Top 5 Hot yoga benefits

  1. Breathing. Deliberate smooth and even breathing calms the mind so we can have more control over how we respond to external and internal stimuli. Learning how to breathe correctly in yoga class supports the core and strengthens the spine as well as calming the mind. In the heat we especially cannot focus on anything apart from our practice.
  2. Being in the present. Staying connected to our breathing, we learn to move from where we are now and how to conserve our energy only for being here and now. That is the future. Especially in the heat we have little room to focus on anything apart from our yoga practice.
  3. Health benefits with reduced risk of injury. Scientific evidence shows that in yoga practice, we not only strengthen and tone muscle and tissue, including our heart muscle, but also our breathing apparatus and internal organs, which in turn affects the overall functioning of our bodies and minds. The heated room helps the muscles and tissues relax. This not only increases the range of movement in the body, but allows us to go deeper into the poses, safely. The heart pumps more vigorously and the blood vessels dilate increasing the blood supply to all body parts. This promotes healing of injuries.
  4. Postural benefits.All the yoga sequences we teach are logical and progressive to give you a full work out from bottom to top, inside and out, compressing and relaxing every body part. The traditional hot yoga sequence is a perfectly balanced sequence to help you re-calibrate on all levels, back to point zero – in balance.
  5. Meditation in motion. Moving with the breath, focusing on only what you need to manage your practice, staying in the present and not judging yourselves in practice makes your yoga practice mindfulness meditation in motion.

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