Yoga Steps

January 17, 2017 | Tim

Build up your yoga practice slowly.

What is important is your relationship to your practice on every level.

This is reflected in your daily lives.

Think of your intention for doing yoga.

Surround yourself with like-minded people who focus on uplifting one another,

not the other way around.

Drink enough water.

Take a step every week to check you are drinking enough water, sleeping enough, creating me-time enough, enjoying the simple reality of your daily existence.

Be fascinated by each small moment of being alive.

Hot, cold, gentle, strong, flowing, still; Yoga is yoga – like water is water.

Whatever style you practice, if yoga is there, it works.

Yoga is a science of the energies.

By yoga practice we go with the pulse of life.

We discover how we are, and when to simply ‘let things be’.

We embrace life.


“There are no steps to be taken. Reality is already on us, looking after us. This extreme intelligence and beauty which is the ordinary condition.”

Mark Whitwell.