First Time

Newcomers  to Hot Yoga Eindhoven benefit from our introduction offers:

How to choose your first yoga class (How Do – The Magazine for Internationals, 28 oct 2021)

New Intro deal! *15% discount on the first month of all FLEX and YEAR subscriptions

Start your first month of Unlimited Yoga (FLEX) for just €67.15
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after that you will automatically stay in Unlimited Yoga or switch to another option after your first month.

Yes, take me to the subscription page!
(The Promo code works for all Subscriptions for the first month.  Offer closes 9 October 2021)

30 days = €36 for 6 classes helps you build up a regular practice and try all the classes. (Starts on the day of purchase)

8 days of unlimited yoga for €12. (Starts on the day of purchase)

  • Online reservation is preferred. Arrive around 10 minutes before the class starts to settle in.
  • Follow our COVID-19 Safety regulations and protocol
  •   All levels are welcome to all our classes.
  •   Women wear shorts / yoga pants & sports bra (T-shirts optional. Men wear shorts / swim shorts (T-shirts optional)
  •   Bring two towels: one large one for your yoga mat and one to shower. A yoga mat is included with your first class. (You can rent or buy yoga mats & non-slip yoga towels in the studio.)
  •   Hydrate before a hot yoga class. Drink at least 2 litres (around 8 glasses) the day (or night) before a class. Bring a bottle of water with you.
  •   Practice on an empty stomach. Try not to eat for around 2 to 3 hours before class. If you must eat a snack, fruit is a good option.
  •  The heat may be challenging the first time, skip postures if you need to and focus on slowing down your breathing.
  •   Keep breathing! Keep your breathing soft, smooth, and even. Focussing on exhale keeps you calm.
  •   Try to stay in the hot room. The teacher will keep an eye on you.
  •   Benefit from our introductory offers and come back as soon as you can for the next class. With practice it gets easier every time.
  •   Yoga classes are in English but most of our teachers understand and speak Dutch.
  •   Fruit and tea after class for everyone! (We will continue this when the COVID-19 Safety protocol allows).


‘Your progress is only relative to your starting point…’