YOGA IN THE PARK – Meet at HYE studio 15 mins before class starts or  if you know, go to our place in the park.

ONLINE YOGA : Receive the link by email 15/ 5 mins before class starts. You receive recording of class to do in your own time!

STUDIO CLASSES (from 1 July): 11 places per class. Book in advance. Stay booked and receive a livestream of class.

Please book your classes in advance.  Payment information here.

Hot Yoga Eindhoven opens 30 minutes before class.
We close 35 minutes after class finishes.

HOT 90 (37 – 38 °C)

The Orignal Hot Yoga sequence (aka Bikram) of 26 postures and two breathing exercises. Expect a full workout, giving you exactly what you need to maintain optimum health. Every pose is practiced twice so you can see your progress immediately.

HOT 60 (37 – 38°C)

A shorter version of the HOT 90 with all the benefits and more focus on the core – expect some variations especially from the floor poses onwards.

HOT A 90 (37 – 38°C)

A fun and energising series of hatha yoga postures. This sequence helps prepare you for the Vinyasa Flow classes.

HOT FLOW 75 (29 – 33°C)

Movements in vinyasa flow are deeply connected with the breath. This flowing class gives room for variation in poses depending on the focus of the class.

YIN YANG FLOW 75 (warm)
Beautiful combination of Yin and Yang Flow yoga.

YIN 75 (room temperature)
Yin Yoga is simple, but challenging. Gently easing into the poses, playing your edge, staying still with mind, body and breath, you remain for a few minutes in every pose.

Vinyasa Krama (Room temperature, 75 mins
Learn a short and effective home practice that you can adapt to your schedule, do at home or when traveling. With Natasha. The style is Vinyasa Krama Yoga, a traditional therapeutic system for spiritual and physical development as taught by T. Krishnamacharya.

Yoga Therapy in Eindhoven
Symptoms from injury or other conditions and illnesses? We can arrange a personal yoga therapy consultation with a qualified yoga therapist to help you achieve maximum health and well-being.

Yoga therapy supports the healing process holistically, not only on a physical level, but also mentally and emotionally. You will work with body, breath and meditation in balance as needed.

Group sessions: Schools, companies are welcome too. We offer classes specially designed to suit your goals.

If you are interested in a private class, please contact us at