News: 13 Oct 2020, Yes! We are still open!

Introduction offers: Try out 8 consecutive days of yoga for €12 or our NEW 30-day Offer, €36 for 6 classes! Payment information.

Studio Classes: 13 places per class. Book in advance – classes filling up fast.
Online: Book your class. If you cannot make the livestream, you will receive a link to a recording of the class in our  Online video library.  YEAR subscriptions and YEAR cards include access to our Video library. You can also opt for Online Yoga on Demand.

If you cannot make the class, please cancel minimum 3 hours before class starts to allow someone else to take your place. Late cancels will be charged the price per class of your product or with unlimited products, €10.

Update 13 October: We are Open! Read our updated COVID-19 safety rules

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Hot Yoga Eindhoven opens 30 minutes before class.
We close 35 minutes after class finishes.

Original Hot 90 (37 – 39 °C)

The Original Hot Yoga sequence (also known as Bikram yoga) comprising 26 postures and two breathing exercises lasting 90 minutes. Expect a full workout, giving you exactly what you need to maintain optimum health. Every pose is practiced twice so you can see your progress immediately.

Absolute Hot 90 (37 – 39°C)

A diverse and energising series of hatha yoga postures designed for hot yoga practice. This sequence has more poses than the Original Hot Yoga  to create diversity in your posture practice. The upper body is strengthened and you learn poses useful for the Vinyasa Flow classes.

Hot Core 60 (37 – 39°C)

A shorter (60-minute) version of the Hot 90 with all the benefits and more focus on the core – expect some variations with focus on strengthening upper body and core and releasing hips, especially from the floor poses onwards.

Warm Flow 60 (29 – 33°C)

A unique flowing version of the Hot Core 60 class (temp. 29 – 33℃). Expect all the poses you know from the Hot core 60 with an intelligent linking system of short vinyasas in the standing part of the sequence. Step out of your busy mind and into a meditative flowing state. Calming, rejuvenating and toning.

Warm Flow 75 (29 – 33°C)

Movements in vinyasa flow are deeply connected with the breath. This meditative, flowing class gives room for variation in poses depending on the focus of the class. Expect down dogs, warriors and and more focus on the upper body, wrists and arms.

Yin Yang Flow 75 (27°C)

Beautiful combination of Yin and Yang Flow yoga over 75 minutes, meeting you where you are, working on strength, balance and mobility.

Yin 75 (room temperature)

A totally different approach to the other yoga classes. Yin improves mobility in the body, combining long-held still poses for a focussed stretch, mindfulness and meditation.

Vinyasa Krama (Room temperature or warm)

Learn a short and effective home practice that you can adapt to your schedule, do at home or when traveling.  Vinyasa Krama Yoga, a traditional therapeutic system for spiritual and physical development as taught by T. Krishnamacharya.

Yoga Therapy / Private Classes
Symptoms from injury or other conditions and illnesses? We can arrange a personal yoga therapy consultation with a qualified yoga therapist to help you achieve maximum health and well-being.

Yoga therapy supports the healing process holistically, not only on a physical level, but also mentally and emotionally. You will work with body, breath and meditation in balance as needed.

Group sessions: Schools, companies are welcome too. We offer classes specially designed to suit your goals.

If you are interested in a private class, please contact us at