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CLOSED on: 24 DEC (evening), 31 DEC (evening), 25 & 26 DEC and 1 JAN (morning) 2019. No Hot 60 @ 7.00 Friday morning in December.

SILENT Hot 90 classes on WED, 5 DEC @ 19.00, 23 DEC @ 11.00!

YOGA FOR KIDS at Hot Yoga Eindhoven, WED 16.00 – 17.00! First Kids’s yoga lesson is free! Just come along 20 minutes before class.

DEC Schedule 

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
06:30H HOT 60
07:00H  HOT 60 (cancelled in DEC)
09:00H HOT 60
09:30H HOT 90 Yin 75 Hot A 90 HOT 90 HOT 90  HOT 90
11:00H HOT 90
16:00H Kids Yoga
18:00H HOT 60 HOT 60
18:30H Yin Yang 75
19:00H HOT Flow 75  HOT 90 Yin 75
20:00H HOT 90 HOT A 90

Hot Yoga Eindhoven opens 30 minutes before class.
We close the yoga school 45 minutes after class finishes.

HOT 90 (37 – 38 °C)

The classical Hot Yoga sequence (Bikram style) of 26 postures and two breathing exercises is designed to heal, strengthen, tone and flush out the toxins from your body. Expect a 90-minute full body workout giving you exactly what you need to maintain optimum health. Every pose is practiced twice so you can see your progress immediately.

HOT 60 (37 – 38°C)

A shorter version of the HOT 90 with all the benefits and more focus on the core — expect some variations in the sequence especially from the floor sequence on.

HOT A 90 (37 – 38°C)

A fun and energising series of hatha yoga postures based on the Absolute yoga academy Hot A series and further developed by the teachers at Hot Yoga Eindhoven. Not all postures are done twice. We recommend you practice the classical Hot 90 and 60 before trying out this sequence.

HOT FLOW 75 (29 – 33°C)

We offer both Gentle and Power flow yoga where movement is deeply connected with the breath. Gentle flow is therapeutic, energizing and calming. The poses are approached progressively via careful sequencing to create safe and deep opening. Power Flow gives you an intense and dynamic work-out. This creative methodology gives room for variation in poses depending on the focus of the class.

YIN 75 (room temperature)
Yin Yoga is simple, but challenging. Gently easing into the poses, playing your edge, staying still with mind, body and breath, you remain for a few minutes in every pose. Yin encourages the body to open up, gently and deeply, in slow and subtle stages, stretching the connective tissue. Yin Yoga perfectly complements your more vigorous Hot Yoga practice. (75 mins)

Vinyasa Krama (Room temperature, 75 mins)

Vinyasa Krama. Learn a short and effective home practice that you can adapt to your schedule, do at home or when traveling. With Natasha. Register your interest at reception. Included is a short breathing exercise and meditation. The style is Vinyasa Krama Yoga, a traditional therapeutic system for spiritual and physical development as taught by T. Krishnamacharya. So you can adapt the sequence to suit your needs.