Hot Yoga and More

The Original Hot Yoga

Our core Hot 90 class is the original Hot Yoga (AKA Bikram) sequence, a challenging, fun and vigorous hatha yoga sequence practiced in a specially heated room and taught by highly qualified yoga teachers.

You practice a sequence of 26 yoga postures and two breathing exercises in a heated room (37-39ºC). Every pose focuses on a particular part of your body, giving specific and powerful health benefits. The class is designed for beginners as well as experienced students. Hot Yoga Eindhoven also offers our version of the Hot Absolute Yoga Sequence of 50 classic yoga postures, and our own signature Hot Core 60 yoga class, a short, but intense heated hatha sequence with more emphasis on upper body strengthening poses than the original hot 90.

Benefits of hot yoga

Practicing yoga in a specially heated room gives your heart muscle a full work out, improving the blood circulation, promoting the repair of injuries to body tissues. Muscles are strengthened, toned and tissues become more flexible. Bones become stronger and joints are lubricated and brought back to personal alignment. The heat also sharpens focus and promotes relaxation, making it safer and easier to go deeper into the poses for your own healthy and functional range of mobility. Read the 5 top benefits of Hot Yoga practice.

Vinyasa Flow: Diversity in your asana practice

Our Hot Flow Yoga is a specially designed Essential Vinyasa Flow suited to a warmed room – temperatures are lower that Hot Hatha (33-36ºC) because more heat is generated in this flowing style of yoga. Vinyasa Flow, Like heated Hatha, is a more modern development of tradtional yoga. When taught with professional guidance and correct intention and understanding of yoga, these styles are so much more than simply body work and exercise. Hot Yoga Eindhoven has this knowledge and experience to bring you the best of ancient techniques and wisdom in a modern context. Vinyasa Flow is breath focussed, the body moving through diversity of movements known as vinyasa in a logical order of buildup, known as krama. These connecting movements are also known as vinyasas.

Yin Yoga – Mobility with Mindfulness

Our Yin Yoga classes at Hot Yoga Eindhoven allow you to focus on the body and mind in a different way. Long-held targeted stretches work on the deeper connective tissues, bones, tendons and ligaments, with a mindful approach. Chi, also known as energy or prana, is moved into the deepest corners of the body, focusing on specific meridians in the body according to traditional Chinese medicine. In the Indian tradition, Yin yoga also pierces or opens the chakras, removing blockages in the subtle energy system.

8 limbs of Yoga – aṣṭāṅga yoga: Yoga is much more than simply posture or āsana

The 8 limbs or components of Yoga are:

1. yama, our attitudes toward our environment.
2. niyama, our attitudes toward ourselves.
3. āsana, the practice of body exercises (yoga postures).
4. prāṇāyāma, the practice of breathing exercises.
5. pratyāhāra, the restraint of our senses.
6. dhāraṇā, the ability to direct our minds (focus).
7. dhyāna, the ability to develop interactions with what we seek to understand (meditation).
8. samādhi, complete integration with the object to be understood (bliss).

If you would like to learn more, you can follow our teacher training via our teacher training arm

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Appropriate Yoga Practice

Asthanga Yoga (8-limbed yoga) is not to be confused with Asthanga Vinyasa, which is a system named as a yoga style by P. Jois in the 20th Century. The teacher of P. Jois, T. Krishnamacharya taught first and foremost that yoga practice should be appropriate to the individual practitioner. At Hot Yoga Eindhoven, we teach in this lineage, teaching yoga that is appropriate to the individual practitioner. Natasha and Hans, who run Hot Yoga Eindhoven, have trained with Ramaswami Srivatsa, also a former student of T. Krishnamacharya, who celebrates his 81st birthday in 2020! Read What teaching Yoga Means by Natasha.

Who can do hot yoga, Vinyasa Fow and Yin Yoga?

‘Your progress is only relative to your starting point…’

Every body is welcome. We are an inclusive yoga school honouring your diversity in both body and history.

Bringing along an open mind and keeping it in the yoga room is a gift you can give yourself every time.

You don’t need to be fit, flexible or strong. You come to our classes to work on that!

Regular yoga practice with quality guidance helps you to create a strong, flexible, and well-balanced body and mind.

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