Hot Yoga

Classic Hot Yoga is a challenging, fun and vigorous style of hatha yoga practiced in a specially heated room.

Yoga classes at Hot Yoga Eindhoven

Our core Hot 90 class is the original Bikram yoga sequence. You practice a sequence of 26 yoga postures and two breathing exercises in a heated room (37-39ºC). Every pose focuses on a particular part of your body, giving specific and powerful health benefits. You will notice the difference. The class is designed for beginners as well as experienced students. Hot Yoga Eindhoven also offers the Hot Absolute Yoga Sequence (Hot A 90) of 50 classic yoga postures, our own signature Hot 60 hot yoga class and Hot Flow Yoga. Our teachers will guide you safely through your yoga practice.

Our Hot Flow classes complement the Hot Yoga sequences. Our Yin Yoga classes at Hot Yoga Eindhoven allow you to focus on the body and mind in a different way, focusing the mind while the body opens up deeply, further deepening the meditative state.

Benefits of hot yoga

Practicing yoga in a specially heated room gives your heart muscle a full work out, improving the blood circulation, promoting the repair of injuries to body tissues. As muscles and organs alternately contract and expand you flush out impurities from the body. Muscles are strengthened, toned and become more flexible. Bones become stronger and joints are opened and lubricated. The heat also sharpens your focus and promotes relaxation, making it safer and easier to go deeper into the poses. Regular yoga practice at a quality studio gives you a strong, flexible, and well-balanced body and mind. Read the 5 top benefits of Hot Yoga practice.

Who can do hot yoga?

You don’t need to be fit, flexible or strong. You come to our classes to work on that! Every body is welcome. Bringing along an open mind and keeping it in the yoga room is a gift you can give yourself every time.





Not within easy reach of Eindhoven?

Other schools where you can practice the classical Hot yoga sequence include Bikram yoga Utrecht,  Bikram Yoga Den Bosch, Bikram Yoga Duesseldorf . For Vinyasa Flow classes (no heat) try Svaha Yoga in Amsterdam.