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The Original Hot Yoga and More

Private and Group sessions: Schools, companies are welcome too. We offer classes specially designed to suit your needs. You can contact us at info@hotyoga-eindhoven.nl
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Original Hot 90 (37 – 39 °C)
The Original Hot Yoga is a 90-minute class made up of 26 yoga postures and two breathing exercises. Every pose focuses on a particular part of your body, giving specific and powerful health benefits. The poses are practiced twice, apart from the final twisting pose, so you can see your progress immediately. The Original Hot 90 is designed for beginners as well as experienced students.  Read in more detail the 5 top benefits of Hot Yoga practice.

We also offer our own version of the Hot Absolute Yoga Sequence; around 50 hatha yoga postures (not all done twice), Absolute Hot 90/ 75 minutes.

Absolute Hot 90 (37 – 39°C)
A diverse and energising series of hatha yoga postures designed for hot yoga practice. This sequence, based on the Absolute Yoga original, has more poses than the Original Hot Yoga to create diversity in your posture practice. The upper body is strengthened and you learn poses useful for the Vinyasa Flow classes

Hot Core 60 (37 – 39°C)
Our signature Hot Core 60 is an intense 60-minute heated hatha yoga sequence, suitable for those who prefer a shorter practice or have a tight schedule. Expect some variations with more focus on strengthening the upper body and core (plank variations) especially from the floor poses onwards.  Our new Warm Flow 60 links the Hot Core 60 poses using Vinyasa Flow.)

Warm Flow 60 (27 – 33°C)
A unique flowing version of the Hot Core 60 class. Joining the Hot Core 60 poses with an intelligent linking system of vinyasas: Flowing movements from Plank>>lower down (chaturanga)>>Up Dog or Baby Cobra >> Down Dog. We offer modifications and advise knees down until you have strengthened your core to do these movements. Step out of your busy mind and into a meditative flowing state. Calming, strengthening and toning.

Warm Flow 75 (27 – 33°C)
This creative flowing class gives room for variation in poses. Expect variation and building up to new poses, along with the linking vinyasa movements, depending on the focus of the class. Movements in vinyasa flow are deeply connected with the breath.

Hot Yogalates (27 – 33°C)

Bringing you both the benefits of Yoga and Pilates. This class is sometimes called Yogalates. Improve muscle tone and sculpt the body into the best version of yourself. We blend this class with vinyasa flow yoga, combining movement with focussed breath and yoga postures. Pilates was developed by by Joseph Pilates in 1920s Germany. The techniques help improve posture and create a strong, stable foundation for movement. Ideal for recovery and strengthening after injury.

Yin Yang Flow 75 (27°C)
A beautiful combination of Yin Yoga and Yang Flow yoga in a 75-minute class, meeting you where you are, working on strength, balance and mobility. We often practice Moon Salute variations in this class which is set in the schedule for Friday evening. Meeting you were you are, and bringing you down to rest and relaxation.

Yin 75 (room temperature)
A totally different approach to the other yoga classes. This 75-minute class improves mobility in the body, combining long-held still poses for a focussed stretch with mindfulness and meditation. Yin Yoga is a perfect combination with our Hot Yoga and Warm Flow classes. Ideal if you wish to improve mobility, find a quiet space in your mind and move inwards in a slow and still setting.

Vinyasa Krama (Room temperature or warm)
Long, slow breathing with focus on exhale is central to this practice which uses intelligent sequencing to build up gradually to each pose. Based on a traditional therapeutic system for spiritual and physical development as taught by T. Krishnamacharya.The standing part of this sequence is great to learn as a home practice to do at home or when traveling.

Benefits of hot yoga in a specially heated room

  • Heat helps avoid injury
  • Suppleness increased
  • Focus sharpened
  • Healthy alignment of joints
  • Muscles and bones strengthened
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Promotes repair of injuries.
  • Relaxation promoted, sleep better
  • Improved immunity

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