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Floor Loeber
december 20, 2022
May Jen (Missjay)
december 19, 2022

lovely place, great hot yoga classes, warm & professional teachers where you feel welcome!

Brigitte Jaspers
december 18, 2022

Super yoga studio. Veel lessen op verschillende tijdstippen. Goede begeleiding en een prettige sfeer. Een aanrader!

Teodora Kuys
oktober 17, 2022
Enzo van Lieshout
september 15, 2022

Some people think yoga isn't exercise, I don't think they've tried it yet Hot Yoga to me is turning up the difficulty There is still all the room to grow Getting more flexible, and comfortable in the discomfortPersonally I become a living fountain, my lila shirt wil turn purple by the time I start feeling like wanting to give up, but every time They give you new commands and my body follows Because it knows it's good, and wants it For by the time you finish And walk out that room You become the embodiment of a perfectly cooked Udon noodle

augustus 6, 2022

Fijne yoga studio met aandacht voor iedereen! Gevorderd of beginner maakt geen verschil. Bij Natasha voel je je welkom en goed begeleidt. Heerlijke yogalessen! Zeker een aanrader.

Cesar Kaiser
maart 20, 2022

Very nice place for hot yoga in Eindhoven , the owner Natasha creates a nice atmosphere during her classes which vibrates through the combined energy of the group.I would highly recommend Hot Yoga Eindhoven

Els Valkenburg
maart 17, 2022

Fijne yogastudio, met aandacht voor de theorie achter yoga zonder zweverig te zijn. Aardige docenten, die goeie adviezen geven.

Zeer verantwoorde en goed begeleide hot yoga klassen.

Árpád Kocsis
februari 26, 2022

Traditional hot yoga class in Eindhoven. Friendly staff, amazing teachers. Not only focusing on the physical aspect of yoga but also on the mental / mindfulness aspect! If you want to have a good sweat and clear your mind, best place to be!

Annelieke Arents
februari 24, 2022

Erg fijne yoga school!

lotte strik
februari 24, 2022

Great yoga, friendly staff. Knowledgeable.

Astrid Kok
februari 24, 2022

Een mooie, fijne yoga-school waar ik al jaren met veel plezier kom!

clea gunn
januari 24, 2022

Een hele fijne yoga school, waar goed op je persoonlijke behoeftes wordt gelet!

Anita van Lierop
september 26, 2021
Dianne Niessen
september 11, 2021
Bianca Van Hoorn
september 10, 2021
Ellen Seelen
september 9, 2021

I am hooked! Excellent yoga studio, very good teachers. The focus is on your individual capabilities, physical status and daily mood, rather than performance. I personally am a big fan of the hot yoga classes and Linda’s yin yoga class. They help me increase my mental strength and physical agility. Grateful to have discovered this gem 🙏🏻.

Sharon Williams
juni 23, 2021

Hot yoga Eindhoven has always helped me keep fit, but the personal lessons during my pregnancy (and while recovering from a broken ankle!) made a huge difference in making me feel strong and ready for birth, I strongly recommend it for future mammas to be!

Darija Subakov
december 2, 2020

This studio is my favorite thing in Eindhoven! If you are looking for hot or warm yoga classes in English with kind, professional teachers, this is the perfect place for you. There is a variety of classes, from vinyasa to yin, so there is something for everyone.

Ester Pujadas
november 8, 2020

It is one of the best things that I have discovered in Eindhoven. Hot hoga is good for mind, body and soul. It is one of the practices that strenghten my body faster without loosing flexibility. Natasha and Hans are passionate and dedicated yoga teachers. They follow strictly the rules of corona and therefore the attendance is limited, and online is also possible. I started two years ago when I arrived to the Netherlands snd I still continue. Very recommendable if you are looking for an excellent hot yoga studio.

Stella Post
oktober 23, 2020

Echt een aanrader. Erg enthousiast over wat de hot yoga met je lichaam doet. Daarnaast super fijne lessen en ook erg fijne gemotiveerde en prettige docenten. Heerst een fijne en goede sfeer.

Joris Weerdesteijn
oktober 12, 2020
lost intranslation
oktober 6, 2020

If you are looking for impeccable yoga asana teachings in English, with the bonus of the hot room, this is the place. Hans and Natasha not only guide you through the sequence but for each asana impart extra advice, details and information. Their input really helped me improve my practice. Bravo!

Magdalena Karwat
april 22, 2020

My favorite place to practice yoga with a great variety of classes and really fantastic teachers (Natasha, Evi, Hans - THANK YOU). Practicing in a warm room helps you to stretch deeply, cleanse the body and calms your mind, which is all you need after a hard working day. Each class is an absolutely wonderful experience, thus I always come back!

maart 13, 2020

Great place, will go there again! Already using green energy to heat the place? 🙂

Elena Lazarova
maart 12, 2019

This studio is one of the best I have ever been. The atmosphere inside is so good, you can feel the vibrations in the air. All of the teachers there are purely amazing, very helpful and very skilled. I absolutely adore Natasha, she is my idol, so calm and understanding. Always there to assist you with breathing or alignment. If you are new to yoga, or simply want to try this studio, I suggest you do sign up for the 8 day trial. Every day you can experience different approach, or different type of yoga and can discover what works with your body and soul. Perks: they serve tea and fruits at the end and you can have lovely chat with everyone. And they do occasionally workshops, for anyone who wants to learn a little bit extra.Just go there open minded and you will return with harmonious energy and blessed heart.

Olivier Ching
januari 27, 2019

Echte aanbeveling! Super docenten! Ook veel mannen! Nu al bijna een jaar en sindsdien niet meer naar de fysiotherapeut etc! Ook een fijne persoonlijke begeleiding en natuurlijk gezelligheid.

Betty Metzemaekers
september 25, 2018

Nieuwsgierig, dat was ik naar mijn eerste les hot Yoga, wist totaal niet wat mij te wachten stond. Nu na 2 jaar blijft mij het nog steeds verbazen wat deze vorm met je body and mind doet. De begeleiding van deze energieke gemotiveerde docenten hebben geleid tot het sterk verminderen van lichamelijke klachten. De energie die je door de oefening krijgt geeft je ook automatisch een positievere kijk op het leven.

Brigitte Jaspers
september 24, 2018

Zeer fijne, laagdrempelige yoga studio. Altijd schoon. Vriendelijke docenten, zeer behulpzaam en meedenkend. De hot yoga 90 minutes is echt een aanrader om even uit je hoofd te zijn, te trainen en te zorgen voor een goede balans, zowel letterlijk als figuurlijk. Laat je niet afschrikken door de Engelstalige les, dit is zeer goed te volgen.

Aline Beaucher
september 24, 2018

Love HYE, it is a warm place 😉 with skilled and attentive teachers. The studio also offers different type of classes and it feels just great to go there.

D koushik Reddy
september 23, 2018

Nice place for all levels and the instructors are very professional.

Alice Ballone
september 22, 2018

I have been taking classes for the past year and I can honestly say that it is the best relaxing and welcoming studio ever. I felt at home since the first time I stepped inside. The teachers are very skilled and have an attentive and gentle way to guide you through the classes. Much love and gratitude to Natasha, the owner. Just love this place.

Rebecca stumpel
maart 22, 2018

Ik kom hier al jaren. Goede yogadocenten, goede sfeer. Docenten kijken ook echt naar je, geven goede aanwijzingen en zijn altijd behulpzaam. Schone, gezellige studio. Keep up the good work. Namaste 🙏

ineke weekers
februari 25, 2018

Erg prettige yoga school waar persoonlijke aandacht hoog in het vaandel staat. Het heeft een prettige sfeer en goede docenten. De yin yoga die ze ook aanbieden is een mooie aanvulling op de hot yoga. Ik kom al ruim twee jaar iedere week.

Louise Kortstee
februari 25, 2018


Erik van Lieshout
december 24, 2017
Richella Rantong
november 18, 2017

Het beoefenen van Hotyoga is een van de beste keuzes die ik heb gemaakt in mijn fitness carriere! De lessen zijn mega goed! Super fijne docenten die vol passie er staan, speciaal voor ons! Zo voelt het echt! Ik kom nu al twee jaar bij Hot Yoga Studio Eindhoven (als het niet langer is) en ik zal het altijd blijven doen! Een dikke 5!

tom jeltema
oktober 11, 2017

This is a professional studio for all levels, good instructors and great yoga classes. This type of (hot)yoga can be combined very well with all other sports, not only to improve your flexibility but also for injury prevention and recovery!

Marie-José Dankers
september 28, 2017

How lucky I am that I discovered this HotYoga school more than a year ago! ♥ I absolutely improved myself, and am now already able to do things of which I - a year ago- thought that I would never manage! Remarkable is that Natasha and Hans and, all the Yoga teachers are always warm and friendly and with positive energy. The lessons/ instructions are clear and they are always alert to help us and advise us. The fact that there are several teachers and regularly guest teachers is also very inspiring; you don't get attached to only one person, and you experience different accents. I ♥HotYogaEindhoven

Edzia R
september 19, 2017
Rino Groenenberg
februari 3, 2017

Great experience, something you should definitly try!

Sinja Baumann
januari 2, 2017

I really like the yoga classes at Hot Yoga Eindhoven. The instructors are very nice and helpful, always keeping an eye on you and making sure you are doing the poses right so that you get the most benefit out of your yoga practice. The studio is nice and clean and they always have some fruit and tea ready for you after the class. I am fairly new to this studio and to hot yoga in general but I can already feel how this practice positively influences not only my body but also my mind. Very recommendable.

Laurens van Thiel
december 9, 2016

Great hot yoga place with good lessons often a bit crowded though..

pallavi kotnala
oktober 12, 2016

I am very happy that I enrolled myself in "HOT YOGA".It has been one of the most memorable experiences of my life in Netherlands.This course has helped me by connecting bits and pieces of info I was having on yoga. It made my understanding clear on fundamentals of Yoga.I have had many breakthrough in my asana abilities.The teachers have all been very dedicated, kind and knowledgeable,it is always fun to discuss asanas after class with hot tea and fruits :)Thank you for this life changing experience. I wish the school the very best.

brinda van den Berg
september 11, 2016

A studio that stays true to its core. Hot Yoga. The 90 min classes are prefect for beginners (and regulars) as each pose is repeated twice. I also like the variety of classes offered that allows my body to move differently and thus improve my practice. Instructions given by Natasha Gunn (owner) and the other teachers are clear and precise. The classes usually have a good mix of beginners and regular practioners.What I also love about the studio is that yoga is made accessible to everyone. Your age, athletic background, yoga experience is not important. What is important that one simply shows up and tries!! 🙂

Janine van
juni 20, 2016

Classes here are really pleasant. The instructors are professional and knowledgeable and some variety is offered in one's choice of class. The studio offers a holistic approach to Bikram yoga by offering not only the Bikram classes but also additional forms of asana that support the hot yoga sequence. As far as I know this is the only hot yoga studio in Eindhoven, but it's definitely not the only reason to choose this studio.* Mats, towels, showers, a hair dryer and some basic toiletries are available at the studio.