Yoga Wisdom for Goal-setting in 2022 – Remove Obstacles and Take Steps

November 26, 2021 | Natasha
  • Do you keep putting off your goals because it feels scary to even start? What if you fail?
  • Do you find you simply cannot make time for your own goals?
  • Do you feel that what you are doing is more in line with what your parents or others approve of, and not what is dear to your heart?

If any of these ring true for you, then this workshop is for you.

What exactly will the workshop involve?

Using yoga wisdom, techniques and practices to journey inwards. We will look at what is stopping you from taking steps.  You will learn how to spotlight obstacles you put in your way and how to clear them out.

Some movement (asana practice) as well as meditation is involved, so wear comfortable clothing.

Note: New date is Saturday, 5 February at 14:00

Have a notebook handy – or you can also purchase an intuitive personal organiser at reception designed by one of our students at HYE to help you plan and manage your steps to reach your goals.