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200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training in English — more information and registration at art awake.nlYoga Alliance Registered – 200-hour Art Awake Yoga fundamentals.

Offering so much more than the Original Hot Yoga since 2016, we are one of the few trauma-informed schools teaching functional yoga for health and wellbeing, in mind as well as body. Not losing sight of the essence of yoga, our school is a learning organisation wiht its own teacher training programme with our own affiliated training school Art Awake Yoga. We keep up to date with the latest science related to yoga, mediation and exercise. Our lead teachers have spend years training both in gaining a deep understanding traditional yogic wisdom and philosophy and bring this seamlessly into the modern day – keeping what is relevent, safe and applicable to help our students develop and grow in their practice and daily lives.

Check out our Google reviews on Google – here are some examples

Magdalena Karwat

“My favorite place to practice yoga with a great variety of classes and really fantastic teachers (Natasha, Evi, Hans – THANK YOU). Practicing in a warm room helps you to stretch deeply, cleanse the body and calms your mind, which is all you need after a hard working day. Each class is an absolutely wonderful experience, thus I always come back!”

Elena Lazarova – Local guide

“This studio is one of the best I have ever been in. The atmosphere inside is so good, you can feel the vibrations in the air. All of the teachers there are purely amazing, very helpful and very skilled. I absolutely adore Natasha, she is my idol, so calm and understanding. Always there to assist you with breathing or alignment. If you are new to yoga, or simply want to try this studio, I suggest you do sign up for the trial. Every day you can experience different approach, or different type of yoga and can discover what works with your body and soul.
Perks: they serve tea and fruits at the end and you can have lovely chat with everyone. And they do occasionally workshops, for anyone who wants to learn a little bit extra.”

Tom Jeltema

“This is a professional studio for all levels, good instructors and great yoga classes. This type of (hot)yoga can be combined very well with all other sports, not only to improve your flexibility but also for injury prevention and recovery!”

What top sports people say about doing yoga at Hot Yoga Eindhoven

Former Olympic swimmer 
“Athletes tend to focus on strength and condition. I think number one is flexibility. Physical yoga practice also helps concentration and focus, so warming up with yoga has a mental effect too.”

Joni Beysons, Entrepreneur and runner
When running, I notice the benefits. I get much further, managing my body better, including my breathing, I can use my feet better and I do everything more consciously. I can accept things more as they are, changing in areas where I previously had difficulty. With Hot yoga and running I can rule my life!” 

Albert Guðmundsson , Football player, PSV.
“I started doing yoga because I needed to improve my flexibility. After doing yoga for some time, I discovered it not only helped me to get flexible and stronger, but also fitter.  Yoga also helps me avoid injury.”

Anne-Lize Hoftijzer, runner and a member of a woman’s rowing team
“I find hot yoga the perfect combination of workout and relaxation. It teaches me how different parts of my body are related and how they support each other. I now understand how to relax one part of my body and use another part, which is important in rowing. Yoga also teaches me how to focus, helping me to achieve goals and let go of things.”

Marcel van de Laar, runner, fitness enthusiast and truck driver.
“I feel more flexible and energetic than I ever. Hot Yoga practice is really a personal form of total exercise. You do not have to prove anything to anyone, and the results will surprise you. The Dutch Transport Organisation should consider putting yoga practice into their Collective Labour Agreement!”