Summer Schedule 2020 / Special Classes and Events

Dates for 2020 to come – please contact us by email at info@hotyoga-eindhoven.nlso we can send you updates.

LEARN A HOME PRACTICEVINYASA KRAMA (Room temperature, 75 mins).
Starting Saturday morning 7 July at 8am

Learn a short and effective home practice that you can adapt to your schedule, do at home or when traveling. With Natasha. Included is a short breathing exercise and meditation. The style is Vinyasa Krama Yoga, a traditional therapeutic system for spiritual and physical development as taught by T. Krishnamacharya. You can adapt the sequence to suit your needs.

YOGA PHILOSOPHY: A clear view. With Natasha.
This introduction to yoga philosophy answers questions such as what is the purpose of yoga practice and how does modern postural yoga relate to the ancient roots of yoga? Looking briefly at ancient Indian philosophical texts such as Samkhya-karika and The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali we will discover what the root of this philosophy is and how we can relate this to our current day yoga practice and daily lives. Your questions are welcome. Natasha who is registered as a Continuing Education Provider through Yoga Alliance (YACEP) brings her many hours of study with a Sanskrit scholar in India as well as her broad knowledge of yoga practice to this presentation to give you a clear view on what is often a fuzzy subject in the West.