Free 45 minute audio yoga class to vitalise in Summer

Yoga for the Core
February 24, 2021 | Natasha

Free Podcast: Core Vitality 45 with Evi

Keep your body moving as we enter Spring. Strength and endurance are as important as mobility.This sequences helps you work on the deep core muscles to improve physical, mental and emotional strength and balance. Always move in a way that is pain free and natural for you. Living in a way that not only doesn’t harm others or yourself.

Why working your muscles is so important according to Medical Doctor and Yoga Therapist Guenter Niessen:

  • essential in maintaining or Increasing bone density
  • increase the resilience of tendons, ligaments, fascia
  • provide greater stability and better movement and posture
  • are vital for joint protection and reduce injuries as well as pain
  • increase the cardiovascular performance
  • regulate the blood sugar levels and cholesterol ratio
  • lower body fat percentage
  • enhance energy levels
  • increase longevity
  • facilitate higher confidence, better mood and emotional state

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