Online Yoga on Demand – per Class or Subscription

Our Online Only Yoga on Demand subscription gives you unlimited yoga classes for just €20 per month, monthly cancellab...

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How Yoga Helps Elite Athletes

Why elite athletes and sports enthusiasts see yoga and in particular Hot Yoga as an essential part of their training. (A...

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How online Yoga helps me during the COVID lockdown

Catrinel T., one of Hot Yoga Eindhoven’s most regular Livestreaming online yoga practioners speaks about her experienc...

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‘How do I feel?’

How do I feel right now? That is the question. Ask yourself time and time again. Before yoga, during yoga, after yoga pr...

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What mindfulness means to you

‘WHAT DOES MINDFULNESS MEAN TO YOU?’ Over fifty people practicing yoga at Hot Yoga Eindhoven answered the ab...

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Rabbit Pose Hot Yoga Eindhoven

Top 5 Hot yoga benefits

1. Breathing. Conscious smooth and even breathing calms the mind, especially with focus on exhale. Managing our breath h...

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How Hot Yoga Helps Your Sport

How ancient yoga practices and yoga practice today combine to help top sports people in their sports. Several people pra...

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Sustainable Yoga Practice

Making your yoga practice sustainable means not only respecting your body and keeping your yoga practice balanced, but a...

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Hold the pose

When we practice yoga we often reach for the full expression of the pose. When this is out of our reach we may struggle ...

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Yoga Steps

Build up your yoga practice slowly. What is important is your relationship to your practice on every level. This is refl...

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Yoga for the Core

Free 45 minute audio yoga class to vitalise in Spring

Free Podcast: Core Vitality 45 with Evi Keep your body moving as we enter Spring. Strength and endurance are as importan...

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COVID-19 Maatregelen

COVID-19 safety rules in the studio – updated 13 October 2020

We are happy to invite you back following the official safety guidelines of the RIVM (the National Institute for Public ...

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Yoga Teacher Training in English, 200 hours: Yoga Fundamentals

Registered 200-HOUR TEACHER TRAINING Currently this program to discover authentic yoga is running Based ...

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Yoga Trainings in English coming up at Hot Yoga Eindhoven 2021


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