Yoga and Nature Retreat Reviews

Join our next retreat 3 – 6 October 2024 “The morning gatherings were my favourite. A perfect mix of yoga pr...

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Registered yoga teacher training 2024, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Registered Yoga Teacher Training Eindhoven 2024

An exceptional and unique, part time, hybrid (online and in studio) yoga teacher training from individuals who have chos...

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First Yoga Class

Choose your first Yoga Class at Hot Yoga Eindhoven

Discover which yoga class at Hot Yoga Eindhoven to start with by reading this short  article by HYE yoga programme lead...

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Yoga for recovery from Long COVID and Burnout

Here is a short yoga practice that can help with recovery from Long COVID or Post COVID-19 Condition. Long COVID varies ...

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How Yoga Helps Your Mind

Bring back some lightness into both body and mind with your yoga practice, which is far more than a fitness workout. Rea...

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How Yoga Helps Elite Athletes

Why elite athletes and sports enthusiasts increasingly view yoga as an essential part of their training regime.  Footba...

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How online Yoga helps me during the COVID lockdown

Catrinel T., one of Hot Yoga Eindhoven’s most regular Livestreaming online yoga practioners speaks about her experienc...

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‘How do I feel?’

How do I feel right now? That is the question. Ask yourself this, before yoga, during yoga, after yoga, at any time of t...

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What mindfulness means to you

‘WHAT DOES MINDFULNESS MEAN TO YOU?’ Over fifty people practicing yoga at Hot Yoga Eindhoven answered the ab...

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Rabbit Pose Hot Yoga Eindhoven

Top 5 Hot yoga benefits

1. Breathing. Conscious smooth and even breathing calms the mind, especially with focus on exhale. Managing our breath h...

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Hot Yoga Eindhoven

COVID-19 safety rules in the studio

We are happy to invite you back following the official safety guidelines of the RIVM (the National Institute for Public ...

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Yoga Teacher Training in English, 200 hours: Yoga Fundamentals

Registered 200-HOUR TEACHER TRAINING Currently this program to discover authentic yoga is running Based ...

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Yoga Trainings in English coming up at Hot Yoga Eindhoven 2021


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