Yoga Docentenopleiding

Yoga Docentenopleiding 200 uur Yoga Alliance Erkend
200-hour Teacher Training Registered with Yoga Alliance

Natasha Gunn leidt onze docentenopleiding die verder bestaat uit andere hooggekwalificeerde internationale docenten, waaronder Evi Bacsi (een vaste docent bij HYE) en Eniko Pianovsky.

We hebben deze docentenopleiding Art Awake Yoga Teacher Training genoemd. Deze 200-urige geregistreerde opleiding omvat de brede en diepe reikwijdte van de yoga training en de kunst om les te geven in yoga, rekening houdend met trauma’s en zodanig dat het ten goede komt aan het welzijn van ieder mens, uniek in lichaam, geest en persoonlijke geschiedenis.

Next Art Awake Yoga 200 hr (RYT) begins 26 March 2021. The schedule has been extended to allow you more space to assimilate and learn. View the schedule.

Art Awake Yoga is the Training School set up by Natasha Gunn. This exceptional training programme exceeds what many standard yoga teacher trainings offer in being an authentic, balanced and mentor-based training.

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What you will discover:

Yoga Philosophy & History
Samkhya philosophy & the Yoga Sutras
8 limbs of yoga
The various paths of yoga
Meditation and Mindfulness
What is ‘Self’?
Where ancient tradition meets modern science
History of modern postural yoga

EXPERIENTIAL – techniques, training and practice
Developing a personal practice
Introduction to mantra & sound
Intelligent sequencing
Raja & Hatha yoga
Vinyasa Flow yoga
Yin yoga principles
Keeping a journal of your process

Functional yoga anatomy for all bodies and minds
Current scientific research into movement and mind
Main asana groups
Physical body systems
Breathing & Bandha
Introduction to Ayurveda
Subtle energy system
What chakras are

Using trauma-sensitive language (based on Trauma Senstive Yoga guidelines)
Teaching appropriately: Language, ethics, intention
Orchestrating group classes
A modern approach to teaching Hot Yoga
How and when to assist

You are already practicing yoga,
you desire to share it with others,
you would like to follow a balanced training covering all the elements of yoga,
you are interested in combining traditional methodologies with a modern approach,
you wish to share yoga safely with others in an individual or group setting.


“The teachers were extremely knowledgeable in all areas (philosophy, anatomy, teaching methods). Overall, the training was very well designed and balanced in terms of practice and theory.”

“I learned that teaching yoga is not just about delivering cues. Every student is different and has their own histories that we need to be considerate of. Therefore, it becomes even more important to have a good understanding, not only of anatomy, but also how to create a safe environment so students can practice a yoga appropriate for them, without feeling judged or pressurized.”

T.  Raza

‘This training, was mind-blowing for me on so many aspects. I am not exaggerating when I say it really changed my life, my vision of life, my way of practicing MY yoga.

A. Beaucher